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Northeast Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Peabody. Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems's recent work requests in Peabody and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems' recent work requests in Peabody, MA
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Peabody
Water leaks into basement not sure if a French drain system would be enough.
Vicinity of Richartson Road in Peabody
Basement flooding in the spring and after heavy rain
Vicinity of Lynnfield Street in Peabody
Would love an estimate on waterproofing my basement..thank you
Vicinity of Lenox Rd in Peabody
One back corner of the basement wall (where it meets the floor) leaks when it rains - it usually pours in once then stops for the duration of the rain event
Vicinity of Bradford Rd in Peabody
After heavy rain, water in basement 1/2 of basement has finished walls
Vicinity of Brentwood Drive in Peabody
Looking to explore the cost to have a sump pump installed in the basement area of split level home. The water table rises under foundation floor when we receive excessive rain, more then 5 inches in a day, which usually seems to occur when we are away. Tired of babysitting the house during excessive rain and having to rely on idiot weather men predictions.
Vicinity of Emerson Street Extension in Peabody
Can you please advise me on a quote to waterproof a basement of 1400 sf
Vicinity of Lowell St in Peabody
Water in the basement
Vicinity of Hampshire Rd in Peabody
Minor leak in lower level of a split ranch house
Vicinity of Paul Ave in Peabody
Battery back-up, plus replace existing pump. Existing pump works, but could be over 15 yrs old or more. Work very well.
Vicinity of Lowell Street in Peabody
The house is on a hill. Water is coming in on each back corner of the house. It seems to be a minor amount, no flooding, just water damged floor and wall. I need a ball park idea of what it would cost for a french drain type of system to be installed.
Vicinity of Southshore Ave in Peabody
Crawl space - dirt floor, odor in the house.
Vicinity of Bristol Road in Peabody
During heavy rains water gets into my basement. I believe the problem is the foundation between the original house and an addition. Do you do work in Massachusetts?
Vicinity of Lowell St in Peabody
We have been getting water in one corner in our basement from a cement wall. It only seeps through when heavy rain occur but we were hoping to have someone come out to look at it and give us a quote as to what it would cost to repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Clark Road in Peabody
I have had water issues for many years and was told you can solve my problem, hopefully this is true. Looking forward to speaking to you.
Vicinity of Ayer Street in Peabody
Please email for correspondence.
Vicinity of Glen Drive in Peabody
We're interested in getting an estimate for installing a sump pump in our basement.
Vicinity of Reynolds Road in Peabody
Hello. I have hole with a sump pump already. Looking to maybe add another. Nothing fancy. Thanks
Vicinity of Princeton St in Peabody
Typcially don't get water. Got some water with this last storm. I am looking for a free recommendation quote for the work. The house is a split level. The water comes in on the lower level which of course is all living space.
Vicinity of Moore St. in Peabody
We need an estimate to check if our french drain is working properly. We always have water during bad rainstorms.
Vicinity of Boulderbrook Drive in Peabody
We have a poured foundation with frost walls that are 4' 6" with slab. Do you do spray water proofing? If so, how much?

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