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Northeast Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Andover. Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems's recent work requests in North Andover and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems' recent work requests in North Andover, MA
Vicinity of Marbleridge Road in North Andover
Relative's basement has a history of water in the basement. Need to determine where the water is coming from, how to stop it from happening in the future so we are looking for a site visit and quote for recommended services.
Vicinity of Turnpike Street in North Andover
Water leaking through basement foundation
Vicinity of Jay Road in North Andover
We have a sump pump. Looking for a better system with battery back up
Vicinity of Irving Road in North Andover
When it rains the water comes into the basement and its now cracking the walls.
Vicinity of Herrick Rd in North Andover
Basement walls seepage and some water coming up through floor in large rain storms.
Vicinity of Morningside Lane in North Andover
Looking for a solution to a large seepage problem. Had a mason fix a small area, but caused more issues elsewhere due to pressure changes.
Vicinity of Colgate Drive in North Andover
We have a sump pump, but looking to add a backup pump. Also looking for solutions for the outside drainage. Currently we have a hose that is leaking and freezes in cold weather.
Vicinity of STONINGTON ST in North Andover
Two separate areas getting water infiltration,constantly vacuuming up water till the wee hours,and beyond,I've got two sump pumps but still comes in from between the floor and wall
Vicinity of Pembrook Road in North Andover
Battery backups on both pumps are dead. Would like someone to come out and advise on suitable replacements, order and install. The batteries I have would each run the pump for up to a couple days, sometimes running almost these are not the run of the mill batteries you find on line that last a few hours. Thanks.
Vicinity of Laconia Crl in North Andover
Water leaking where the wall meet the floor. i have sump pump please get back to me as soon as you can thank you
Vicinity of Waverly Road in North Andover
Need to Finish basement. Requesting a quote.
Vicinity of Johnson St in North Andover
We added an addition to the house 10 years ago. We have had issues will the water table and basement seepage. Looking to get an estimate on costs to correct the problem.
Vicinity of Green Hill Ave. in North Andover
Looking to permanently solve wet basement problem, with eye to eventually finishing space. Currently have hardware store purchased sump pump in sewer outlet pit, pumping via pvc pipe in foundation joist to plastic tube on front lawn. That tube freezes regularly in winter, which is a major inconvenience. We also get puddles along walls in other corners of basement.
Vicinity of Waverly Rd in North Andover
My basement is very humid and my small dehuimidifier has to be manually emptied an lot in the summer. usually 2-3 times a day... there isn't a sump pump and I get mold just had to throw out a nice couch because of it.
Vicinity of Heath Road in North Andover
Our basement is currently dry but there are 2 coats of drylok on the walls that the previous owner put on and the drylok is bubbling up in several places on the walls and floor. There is a white powder underneath the drylok bubbles.
Vicinity of Martin Avenue in North Andover
Looking to finish basement and have had some water issues in the past. Looking for an estimate to eliminate any potential water situations.
Vicinity of Milk St in North Andover
Interested in getting a quote for waterproofing our basement.
Vicinity of Salem Street in North Andover
Water coming into my basement
Vicinity of Berry Street in North Andover
Foundation wall crack about 8 ft long that is leaking water during bad storms
Vicinity of Acushnet St in North Andover
Hello, I have a concrete slab outside my house which has broken in two because of settling. Half of the slab leans towards the foundation and as a result when is raining water puddles at the foundation wall. I would like to know if mud pumping is an appropriate solution to lift the slab and how much it costs. Thank you.
Vicinity of Marengo St in North Andover
Need Estimate and Inspection on Finished Basement with water seepage issues.
Vicinity of Weyland Circle in North Andover
Water is seeping in through holes where rebar is on one of the concrete walls in the basement.
Vicinity of S Bradford Street in North Andover
We have a family room off the house that is approx 450 square feet with a crawl space underneath it. We would like to receive an estimate on insulating the space underneath the room.
Vicinity of East Water Street in North Andover
Fieldstone foundation Small area leaks during heavy rains. House built around 1864. Have had treated with epoxy system.
Vicinity of Appleton St. in North Andover
I have some walls in my basement and garage that appear to be corroding/peeling. Not sure if this is a moisture problem or how to solve it. Just wanted a contractor to look at it and suggest how it can be fixed. Also some cracks in basement floor that need to be patched.
Vicinity of Prescott St in North Andover
Hello, I have wet basement and I would like to get an estimation for the same. Thanks, Pradeep
Vicinity of Old Village Lane in North Andover
Desire an inspection and estimate on sealing my sump pump pit
Vicinity of Chestnut in North Andover
Need estimate on waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Colgate Drive in North Andover
Estimate to finish basement including adding an office and 1/2 bath.
Vicinity of Waverly Road in North Andover
I am looking to set up an appointment for recommendations and an estimate for my basement. The basement is field stone foundation and gets seepage that I would like to divert from the cellar.
Vicinity of Massachusetts Avenue in North Andover
I have a perimeter drain and sump pump. I'm interested in some type of battery backup system to keep the sump working during a power outage - 24 - 36 hrs. thanks, Tanya
Vicinity of Abbott Street in North Andover
Lived at the house for 18 years. Basement only flooded twice. Now want to finish the basement and want to install a sump pump just to make sure we don't have any more floods. Thanks

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