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Northeast Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Nashua. Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems's recent work requests in Nashua and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems' recent work requests in Nashua, NH
Vicinity of Ritter St in Nashua
Cost to Reseal Basement
Vicinity of Belknap in Nashua
I am currently in the process of buying a home. Just had my inspection today and I am now looking for estimates on fixing the stone foundation before closing. So, unfortunately the sooner the better!!
Vicinity of Sanborn Dr in Nashua
Want an estimate on a basement egress window.
Vicinity of Karnoustie Way in Nashua
I have a small water puddle in my basement.
Vicinity of Hollyhock Avenue in Nashua
Too much rains causes water to come in small part of basement
Vicinity of Echo Ave in Nashua
We are currently having water in our basement
Vicinity of Shelley in Nashua
Want a estimate to install a battery backup.
Vicinity of Manchester St in Nashua
I need to get a quote to add an egress window to a basement
Vicinity of Morningside Drive in Nashua
Water in basement when it rains on 1 side.
Vicinity of Pope Circle in Nashua
We have a contract on a house at 2 Eastbrook Dr Nashua. We would like the exterior look at for drainage issues and water in basement.
Vicinity of Carroll St. in Nashua
I need to install 2 egress windows.
Vicinity of Trocha ST in Nashua
Our unfinished basement floods each time there is a heavy rain or a quick snow melt.
Vicinity of Quarry Rd in Nashua
Build egress window exit
Vicinity of Ashland Street in Nashua
I get a little water in my basement during heavy rains. I would like a quote for installing a sump pump.
Vicinity of Cherrywood Dr in Nashua
Need to fix crack in basement.
Vicinity of E Glenwood St in Nashua
We have several cracks in our basement we want to get checked to see if they are issues with the foundation. Is this something you do?
Vicinity of Lewis St in Nashua
Concrete wall foundation I believe a cost effective interior drain will help with water seepage when it is a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Roby Road in Nashua
We have a crack in our foundation wall that allow water to pass in during rain events when the ground is frozen.
Vicinity of Plum Drive in Nashua
Have a wet basement (water from the wall/floor joint, and from the basement floor). The house is almost 30 years old. Looking to fix the root cause of the problem. Thanks.
Vicinity of Cherrywood Dr in Nashua
Getting water in the basement thru the concrete foundation
Vicinity of Raymond Street in Nashua
Looking for an estimate on installing a sump pump in basement.
Vicinity of B Sargent Ave in Nashua
Finished my basement and have got a little water
Vicinity of Chaucer Rd in Nashua
Our basement floods once every 2 to 3 years if there is a perfect mix of rain while the snow is melting. We are looking to get a sump pump installed and are looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Sutherland Way in Nashua
Water comes up from basement floor
Vicinity of Killian Drive in Nashua
Have sump pump with older back up system that has not worked well in past, need to assess for better system. thankyou
Vicinity of Peele Rd in Nashua
Hi. We have a finished basement with some moisture concerns. We would like to gut the area (except for interior walls), add moisture barriers, and then rebuild. If possible, we would like to do this before the end of the year as we are expecting twins in early January. If you are interested, please contact me. thank you!
Vicinity of Ayer Rd in Nashua
Water in basement
Vicinity of Souhegan Drive in Nashua
Occasional water in the basement
Vicinity of Balcom St in Nashua
House is under agreement and bank wants basement to have a vapor barrier before he issues the loan
Vicinity of Resurrection Circle in Nashua
Crack in foundation only recently leaking due to some landscaping we had done over the summer
Vicinity of Biscayne Pkwy in Nashua
We are trying to buy a home and the inspector has told us the crawl space has mouse droppings. He said that the Polyurethane was not properly installed. He recommends installing 6 mm polyurethane vapor barrier to cover all open gaps over the dirt flooring to prevent moisture damage. The mice have pulled down some of the insulation that was put in already. We need an estimate as to the cost of this project. Please if you could get back to us ASAP we would appreciate. Thanks Merry
Vicinity of Wakefield in Nashua
Need quote to stop leaking basement
Vicinity of in Nashua
We have a suspended ceiling in the basement of our townhouse that is suffering from significant sag due in part to moisture, but probably mostly due to cheap materials. We are planning on moving in about a year, and would like to replace the ceiling with something a little more durable (but still affordable), and with professional-quality installation.
Vicinity of Briand Dr in Nashua
Mild musty smell in finished basement.
Vicinity of Nottingham Dr in Nashua
Garage slab is stress cracked and shifted.there is a void underneath it and would like it lifted and filled.
Vicinity of Plymouth Avenue in Nashua
One section of the finished area of my basement gets a lot of moisture and is discoloring around the base boards. Not sure if it's mold or something else? Would like somebody to come out to identify the issue and advise what my options are. Thank you.
Vicinity of Stonehaven Rd. in Nashua
We have water in the basement
Vicinity of Killian Dr. in Nashua
I would like to replace my ½ hp current sump with a new sump pump with a battery back up. Please, e-mail me a quote. Thank you, Sergey
Vicinity of in Nashua
We live in a 19' travel trailer. It was subjected to a flood and we need help to make livable once again without mold or mildew.
Vicinity of Cherrywood Drive in Nashua
During heavy rains, little pool of water seeps in. We need a fix
Vicinity of Stanford Rd in Nashua
Long ago settlement in garage. Builder filled with tree stumps. Cracked floor in garage & one corner.First owner installed retaining wall to prevent further settling & cracking. Garage door is uneven Would like to improve look of garage and stablilize this area once and for all.
Vicinity of in Nashua
Foundation cracks leaking
Vicinity of Anders Lane in Nashua
I have had a quote from you in the past and am ready to make this decision. The crawl space is not wet but it is unsightly and during the summer months the dirt floor smells moldy, etc. Also, mice get in there regardless of how many times we have tried to seal all holes.
Vicinity of WETHERSFIELD RD in Nashua
Vicinity of Gingras Dr in Nashua
We are looking to refinish our basement so that it is liveable.

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