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Very pleased with his work.
Testimonial by Mary L. from Lincoln, MA
Very professional and knowledgeable
Testimonial by Alison B. from Newton, MA
The men who did the work were terrific. Miguel seemed to be the leader. They were all polite and extremely hard workers. They answered my questions even though...
Testimonial by Carolyn D. from Dunstable, MA

Dehumidifier Contractor in Middlesex County, MA

Northeast Basement Systems is your local expert in dehumidifiers in Middlesex County, MA. Having wet areas in your home can be harmful to the air quality which can pose multiple health risks. We can provide a variety of options that can give you a permanent solution to your home's problem. In addition to our dehumidifier services, we also offer basement waterproofing, crawl space repair, sump pumps, and more!

With over 30 years of experience, Northeast Basement Systems is the company you can trust and we are proud to serve Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Our team of trained experts use only high quality materials from the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that the products we install in your home will be reliable and long lasting. Let us put our expertise to work for you to find a better solution for keeping your home dry!

Services Provided by Northeast Basement Systems in Middlesex County, MA

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Mold Problems
  • Crawl space repair
  • Sump pumps
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Bowing wall repair

If you want to get started on your dehumidifier home project, call Northeast Basement Systems in Middlesex County, MA for a free estimate today!

Job Stories From Middlesex County, MA
Waterproofing by Northeast Basement Systems Saves Money

Wet basements are often the origin of many problems that plague homes, as the moisture may lead to mold, foundation damage, and  energy inefficiency. The Watts home in, Concord, NH was yet another victim of a wet basement that could potentially lead to costly damage in the future.  Wisely Mr. Watts decided to find a solution to his basement woes and found Northeast Basement Systems, so he gave them a call.


When Mr. Watts called Northeast Basement Systems he was quickly able to schedule an appointment with the highly experienced Waterproofing Specialist Dan Doyon.  When Dan arrived at his scheduled estimate he introduced himself to Mr. Watts and promptly began to assess what needed be done to protect the home. After, a quick inspection Dan was able to locate the problem areas and provide a expert solution. Dan knew through years of experience that to best deal with the water a WaterGuard system and SuperSump Sump Pump had to be installed. The unique nature of the WaterGuard system would solve the issue of controlling the water that was coming in through the walls while the SuperSump removed the water with ease.  The SuperSump’s patented airtight lid not only keeps out bugs and pests but also prevents the unpleasant odor commonly associated with sump pumps.  On top of that it also secures the pump so that children can neither play with nor fall into the housing of the pump.  The pump itself was chosen from among a range fifty different models because it was the finest available.  Mr.Watts knew that he was in good hands and was pleased with the proposal so he requested that one of the professional installation teams come in and install the products.


It took Primary Foreman Aaron Rice and his experienced production team only one day to get the system up and running.  Dry basements like the one primary Foreman Aaron Rice and his production helped create  are necessary in the prevention of costly damage and excessively high energy bills.  Thanks to the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems Mr. Watts is not only protecting his home but also saving money with energy efficiency!


Northeast Basement Systems Restores and Improves Damaged Basement

Flooded finished basements often cause tremendous headaches for homeowners because the resulting damage often seems to require several contractors to deal with the various aspects of repairing the home. Stanley K. thought that he would have to go through numerous contractors to deal with the issues flooding caused in his home. Fortunately for Stanley, he found Northeast Basement Systems and gave them a call.


Stanley was able to receive an estimate from Waterproofing Specialist Dan Doyon the same week that he called to schedule an appointment at his Concord, NH home.  On the day of the scheduled appointment Dan arrived in a timely manner, promptly introduced himself to Stanley and then began analyzing the situation.  After a brief period of time Dan was able to come up with an estimate that not only handled the water flooding  and mold but also managed to repair the unsightly damage to the walls.  Among the products that he recommended using was the ultra high quality SuperSump Pump which could optionally be outfitted with a back up battery pump that would keep running even when the power went out.  He also recommended the top notch SaniDry dehumidifier system that would keep the humidity low to prevent mold growth.  Finally, to prevent Stanley from ever having to do this much work in his basement again Dan proposed an Everlast wall restoration.  The Everlast wall allowed Dan to save time and money because the old damaged drywall no longer had to be removed and replaced.  Instead the Everlast wall would be put in place and due to its chemical composition would resist moisture damage. On top of it all, the Everlast wall would add a stylish accent to the basement. Stanley was impressed by the proposal and decided to go forth with the installation.


Northeast Basement Systems sent out the highly skilled Installation team lead by specialist Aaron Rice to complete installation.  In just a day the installation team was able to complete the project and restore his ruined basement into the stylish place it once was.  It’s important to act quickly and choose the right professionals when your basement floods, since damage in your basement can have far reaching consequences.


Fixing a Wet Basement Spared Homeowner Costs

When basements are not properly maintained the homeowner has to bear many costs such as those associated with higher energy bills, more frequent repairs and even reduced home-values.  Some of these costs began to affect Jessica L. who finally decided that she needed to do something so she took to the web and found Northeast Basement Systems.


When Jessica decided to call Northeast Basement Systems she was told that she would be met at her Concord, NH home by Waterproofing Specialist Beth Murch who would give her an estimate and write a proposal for the work that would be done.  When Beth arrived at Jessica’s home she promptly greeted her and began to compose her estimate for what needed to be done. In just a short while, Beth had completed her proposal.  Beth recommended the ultra-high quality SuperSump pump be installed as well as a TrenchDrain and Waterguard.  The SuperSump features the finest pump available, it operates smoothly and quietly and will perform reliably for years.  The patented airtight lid further reduces noise emitted by the pump and keeps away bugs and other pests. The TrenchDrain and Waterguard work in unison to capture water before it can get somewhere where it could cause damage. Beth’s expertise allowed her to recognize how to optimally install the system in a way that would both maximize efficiency and reduce costs.  Jessica was impressed with the proposal and decided to have Northeast Basement Systems complete the work.


Northeast Basement Systems sent out a highly skilled crew lead by experienced primary foreman Khris Marks.  The crew was able to expertly complete the installation of the entire system in less than one day.  The expertise and quality work  of Northeast Basement Systems has without a doubt allowed Jessica to avoid more costly repairs in the future and has warded off many other unwanted and unnecessary expenditures in the future.


Finished Basement Saved by Northeast Basement Systems

It is a common problem in most homes, cracks in basement floors that lead to water pooling in the basement potentially causing a tremendous amount of damage.  This event was occurring in the Belmont, MA home of John C.  In fact at times over 2 inches of water would accumulate in his finished basement.  Fortunately, John was referred to Northeast Basement Systems and called them just in the nick of time to arrange for an estimate.  


John was met at his home by experienced Northeast Basement Systems Waterproofing Specialist Tom Armano. When Tom arrived he greeted John and explained what he was going to do during the estimate.  It did not take Tom long to actually come up with a proposal tailored for John.  Tom suggested that a TripleSafe sump pump be installed. The TripleSafe sump pump features 3 built in pumps of the highest quality.  The first two pumps are standard high power Zoeller cast iron pumps, so that when one pump fails and can’t keep up with the water the other one turns itself on.  To make sure that John’s basement is still protected even when the power goes out the TripleSafe has a third battery powered pump to keep pumping out water. All three pumps know when to activate themselves so no active intervention is required to operate them. The pump is covered with an air-tight lid that reduces the smell and noise that is associated with sump pumps. It also prevents children, animals and unwanted pests from falling into the casing.  As an added precaution the unit includes a WaterWatch alarm system that goes off when the water level goes above the level at which the pump should be working. Tom also recommended that a WaterGuard and IceGuard system be installed to help the water flow.  The WaterGuard system would channel the water from the basement walls towards  the pump to help keep the basement dry.  The unique patented IceGuard system prevents the water that is being pumped out of the home from freezing solid and thus impeding on the functioning of the system.  With an IceGuard installed the system would be able to continue to function even throughout frigid New England winters. John was determined to protect his finished basement from further damage so he decided to go forth with the proposal and get the work done.


Northeast Basement Systems sent out Primary Foreman and waterproofing specialist Aaron Rice and his crew to get the job done.  Aaron and his skilled crew were able to begin and finish the entire installation process in the same day.  Thanks to quick action by John and Northeast Basement Systems catastrophe was avoided and money was saved.

Northeast Solves Water Leak!

It’s a common issue in most homes; a leak forms in a basement and water slowly begins to trickle in causing mold to grow and a stench to spread throughout the basement. If left unchecked such an issue can grow into far more than just a pesky nuisance.  When a trickle turned into a puddle several inches deep, Souren M. knew he had to address his problem before his Belmont, MA home became damaged. When he did a quick search on the internet he found Northeast Basement Systems and decided to give them a call to arrange an estimate.


When the date of the scheduled estimate came Souren was met at his home by waterproofing specialist Tom Armano.  When Tom arrived he introduced himself to Souren and described what he was going to do during the estimate, after he made everything clear Tom immediately began to compose his estimate.  Tom was able to finish his estimate quickly and had come up with a personalized plan for Souren’s basement woes.  Tom’s plan called for a SuperSump pump to be installed to keep water from accumulating, a WaterGuard and an IceGuard. The SuperSump pump was recommended because of its tremendous quality and value. It features a cast iron Zoeller sump pump that is renowned for its incredible build quality.  A WaterWatch sump pump alarm also comes with the unit just in case the sump pump fails.  The sump pump runs quietly, resists clogging and is able to run reliably for many years. To make sure that the system is able to run year round Tom suggested that a IceGuard be installed.  The patented IceGuard allows water to continue being pumped out even during the coldest weather.  It’s unique patented design allows water to continue to escape even when covered in snow!  To help collect and funnel the water from around the basement Tom recommended that a WaterGuard system be installed. Souren could see the value in the proposal that Tom had come up with and decided to call Northeast Basement Systems to schedule someone to install the system.


Northeast Basement Systems sent out experienced primary foreman Aaron Rice and his crew of experts to install the system.  Aaron and his crew went hard to work and had the system up and running in almost no time at all.  Souren’s decision to get Northeast Basement Systems to complete the work in his home most certainly saved him a lot money and headache in the long run because a well-maintained basement is the foundation of a well-maintained home.


WaterGuard Guarding Your Home

Not all homes with water damage require expansive systems to deal with water entering into the basement and sometimes they already have systems in place to deal with water in the basement. This was the case with Virginia O., who already had a waterproofing system installed in her Medford, MA home but unfortunately it was plagued by regular clogging and needed an overhaul.  So Virginia took to the internet to find someone to help her with her basement. After she found Northeast basement Systems on the internet she decided to give them a call to receive an estimate.


Virginia was met at her home on the scheduled day of the estimate by experienced Water Proofing Specialist Beth Murch.  When Beth arrived she introduced herself and detailed what she was going to do during the inspection. After a brief inspection Beth was ready to give her proposal to Virginia on what needed to be done in her basement.  As it turns out, the existing system was constantly getting clogged by the debris that surrounded the system underground.  To deal with this Beth recommended that a WaterGuard system be installed around the perimeter of the basement to collect the water that was coming in through the walls. The WaterGuard system would not have to deal with the same problems that Virginia’s old system had to deal with because the new WaterGuard system was clog resistant because it is installed above the soil in the basement floor.  It’s special patented design also has flanges that extend above the floor to provide a clean cutoff look between the wall and the floor while simultaneously catching and funneling any water that seeps through the wall. The WaterGuard also stops dirt and debris from building up in the drainage channel. Best of all, the WaterGuard system works with all types of foundations to keep basements dry.  Virginia was impressed by the quality of the WaterGuard system that Beth had recommended and requested that it be installed by Northeast Basement Systems.


On the day of Beth’s scheduled appointment she was met by experienced primary foreman Aaron Rice and his highly skilled crew.  The entire installation process began and finished in the same day thanks to the skill and hard work of Aaron and his crew. Virginia was able to save her home using a WaterGuard system, and Northeast Basement Systems.


CleanSpace Crawl Spaces by Northeast Save Money

Many homes across the US have crawl spaces that drain heat and energy from a home and end up costing homeowners every time they look at their bills.  Not to mention moisture can make the floors damp, cold or even cause rot! These were some of the issues that Damien W. was facing in his home in Medford, MA.  So when he realized something needed to be done he turned to the internet and was able to find Northeast Basement Systems after a quick search and decided to give them a call.


When Damien called and arranged an appointment for an estimate he was told that he would be met at his home by a crawl space sealing and insulation specialist.  When the time came for Damien’s appointment, he was met by CleanSpace / crawl space specialist Beth Murch. After Beth introduced herself and explained what she was going to do she began to inspect the crawl space.  Shortly after the inspection began Beth was able to determine what needed to be done to seal and protect Damien’s crawl space and how to make his home all the more efficient. Beth suggested that he install CleanSpace - Crawl Space Vapor Barrier System to prevent moisture from getting in through the ground.  The CleanSpace Crawl Space Liner is a 20 mil thick vapor barrier that prevents dirt and moisture from getting in from the ground.  When combined with an airtight crawl space vent it can protect your home from outside moisture and humidity that could otherwise pass through openings. Beth also recommended SilverGlo crawl space wall insulation that keeps the crawlspace dry and makes it energy efficient.  SilverGlo provides an unbroken plane of R- 11 insulation with a built in radiant heat barrier surface. All the while graphite particles improve insular properties by 24%! Best of all it is an economical option for crawl space insulation. For the floor Beth suggested that TerraBlock Crawl Space Floor Insulation be installed. TerraBlock is a ¾” foam insulation system that is puncture resistant, and features a vapor barrier. Finally, to deal with moisture coming into the crawlspace Beth insisted on a SmartPipe.  The SmartPipe’s patented and ingenious design allows water to get in from the wall and surrounding dirt without actually collecting any major debris. When Damien was presented with such a complete expansive plan for his crawl space he knew he was working with the right professionals and decided to call to arrange an installation date.


On the day of the installation Damien was met at his home with CleanSpace crawl space installation specialist Garrett Morrow and his crew of highly skilled and experienced professionals. The installation of the system took less than a day and was finished the same day that it was started.  It did not take long for Damien to realize the benefits of the work done in his crawlspace.  Not only were his floors warmer and drafts less severe he was saving money on his heating, cooling and energy bills.


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