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Before and After Pictures from Essex County
Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifier Installation in Middleton, MA

Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifier Installation in Middleton, MA

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifier Installation in Middleton, MA Crawl Space Encapsulation and Dehumidifier Installation in Middleton, MA

What a difference a crawl space encapsulation system makes along with a Sedona dehumidifier. Now this space will be clean and moisture free. This homeowner can now enjoy a more energy efficient home that is also more comfortable.

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Northeast Basement Systems Wins the 2016 Granite Mikes Merit Award
Thursday October 27, 2016 held the prestigious TV Awards. Northeast Basement Systems won their category for Most Creative Commercial for... [Read more]
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Owners, Ron and Kerri Canelli of Northeast Basement Systems, proudly displays their "Rookie of the Year Award" from Basement Systems,... [Read more]
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Testimonials From Essex County
I appreciated Julio sharing with us his time and knowledge and would be happy to have him continue as our service person in the future.
Testimonial by K F. from Swampscot, MA

Experts in Mold Problems in Essex County, MA

Northeast Basement Systems is a local expert contractor for all your mold problems in Essex County, MA. Mold, when not removed properly by a professional, can grow back or get even worse, compromising the integrity of your home's structures and the health of your family. Trust the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems to get it done right the first time. Whether it's basement waterproofing, crawl space repairs, or sump pumps, we are the company that can do it all!

For over 30 years, Northeast Basement Systems has been proud to serve Massachusetts and the surrounding area. Our team of trained professionals will get the job done right using high-quality materials and products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you every step of the way so that we can find a solution that works best for you!

Services Provided by Northeast Basement Systems in Essex County, MA 

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Mold Problems
  • Crawl space repair
  • Sump pumps
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Bowing wall repair

If you want to get a start on fixing mold problems in your home, call Northeast Basement Systems in Essex County, MA for a free estimate today!

Job Stories From Essex County, MA
Northeast Basement Systems Saves Homeowner's Home and Money

A dry basement is the key to saving money while maintaining a healthy home.  Unfortunately for homeowner Mary L., her basement  was plagued with puddles and at times, inches of water. The water was taking a serious toll on the home.  Not only was the water potentially causing structural damage to the home, but it was also causing Mary to waste energy and money on her home.  Mary, searching for a permanent remedy for her Manchester, NH home found Northeast Basement Systems.


When Mary called Northeast Basement Systems, she was able to set up an appointment within a few days with waterproofing specialist Dan Doyon.  After a brief introduction, representative  Dan  was able to pinpoint how the water was entering the basement.  As it turned out water was not only seeping through the basement  walls but also condensing due to temperature differences occurring naturally throughout the basement.  Dan expertly recommended  the installation of several unique patented systems.  Among the recommended systems was a patented TripleSafe Sump Pump, which features two traditional pumps and a third battery operated pump designed to continue protecting the basement even when the power goes out!  Dan also recommended a top-of-the-line SaniDry dehumidifier to deal with the humidity.  To ensure the successful operation of the system even throughout the brutal New England winters Dan suggested an Iceguard be installed which would keep the drainage pipes from freezing.  As a finishing touch, Dan recommended the installation of BrightWall.  The BrightWall would change the basement from a dark and damp area into a brighter more welcoming space.  The BrightWall would be attached to the wall and allow any water that would come through the walls to drain away harmlessly towards the pump.  Best of all, it would not become damaged or peel away like paint due to its composition.  Mary was delighted with Dan’s professional proposal and asked to have the highly skilled production team come install the products.


Primary Foreman Garrett Morrow and his production team expertly completed the installation process in a timely manner. A properly maintained basement is a necessity for maintaining any healthy home and thanks to the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems Mary now has a more comfortable and more efficient home.

TripleSafe Prevents Water From Overcoming Manchester, NH Basement

Duat T. found himself in quite a predicament when his basement was overcome with water.  Desperate for answers, Duat went on the internet to search for a local waterproofer, what he came across was Northeast Basement Systems.  After taking a look at their products, reviews and testimonials, Duat decided to give them a call.

That same week, Tom Armano, a sales representative and waterproofing specialist for Northeast, met with Duat at his home in Manchester, NH.  Tom took a look at the basement and found excessive water damage and signs of water seepage.  For this situation, Tom recommended the installation of a TripleSafe sump pump, a patented, top of the line sump pump.  The TripleSafe is built with two sumps pumps and a battery backup sump pump, to ensure drainage during a storm even if the power goes out. An additional feature is the inclusion of a WaterWatch sump pump alarm on the lid of the product, when the lid fills with water, the alarm goes off and alerts the homeowner to the excess amount of water.  Duat liked what the TripleSafe had to offer and asked to have it installed, for which Tom called in primary foreman Aaron Rice and his team to install the TripleSafe.

The installation of the TripleSafe sump pump took less than a day to install and with the inclusion of the TripleSafe in his basement, Duat no longer has to worry about his basement being overcome with water anymore!

SaniDry Eliminates Musty Smell in Haverhill Home

A crawl space is an aspect of an a home that goes overlooked quite often.  Haverhill homeowner Andy T. found that a musty smell was lingering amongst his home.  Looking for a solution, Andy took to the internet to look for a waterproofing company, where he soon came across Northeast Basement Systems.  Noticing they did free estimates, Andy decided to give them a call.

Andy was soon met by Northeast representative Tom Armano, a waterproofing specialist, at his Haverhill house.  Andy explained to Tom about his problem and Tom then asked to take a look at the crawl space.  After a quick evaluation, Tom deduced that mold was growing and moisture was a huge problem which led to the musty smell throughout his house. Thankfully for Andy, Tom had the perfect product to install.  Tom recommended the installation of a SaniDry dehumidification system.  The SaniDry is an incredibly powerful dehumidifier, capable of taking out 100 pints of water a day from your crawl space air while using the same energy as a 40-pint dehumidifier, and it filters particles out of the air to an incredible, miniscule size.  Along with this, the SaniDry has a powerful blower that moves dry air around the space where it is installed.  This airflow helps dry the area and eliminates the dampness of the area.

Tom called in primary foreman Aaron Rice and his production team to install the SaniDry dehumidification system.  Over the course of a few hours, the dehumidifier was installed and began to eliminate the moisture in Andy’s crawl space.  Thanks to the professionals at Northeast Basement System, the musty smell lingering throughout Andy’s home is eliminated!

Recent Storm Drives Water Into Haverhill Basement: Northeast Eliminates It

Cassandra D. is a Haverhill homeowner who, after a recent storm, found that her basement was taking on water at an alarming rate.  Needing an immediate answer, Cassandra took to the internet to find a local waterproofing company.  She came across Northeast Basement Systems on the first page of Google, and after taking a look through their website decided to contact them.

Cassandra was contacted soon after by Northeast Basement Systems on a follow up to the form she filled out online.  Cassandra wanted a free quote on her home and asked for a representative to come out.  That same week Cassandra was met by waterproofing specialist Beth Murch.  Beth evaluated the basement and found evidence of water seepage and puddling in the basement. To solve this, Beth recommended installing a SuperSump sump pump.  This pump can pump 2220 gallons of water a hour and has n 8 foot discharge head, where it discharges water smoothly and quietly.  Along with this, Beth recommended the  WaterGuard interior drainage system and Trench Drain combination to be installed along the perimeter of the basement.  These systems would catch seeping water from the foundation and redirect it to the sump pump for it to pumped far away from the foundation.  Finally, ThermalDry wall liner was recommended for installation.  This speciality liner works as an insulator and prevents water from seeping through the walls and directs it to the WaterGuard and then to the SuperSump.  

With the recommendations agreed upon, Beth called in primary foreman Garrett Morrow and his production team to install the necessary waterproofing products.  Over the course of two days, the production team swiftly installed the waterproofing products and now Cassandra’s basement is no longer an area of concern within her house!

SuperSump WaterGuard Combo Redirect Water Out of Haverhill Basement

When Dave H. of Haverhill, MA found that his basement had water coming through the wall, he knew he had a problem bigger than he could handle.  Upon doing research, Dave found the WaterGuard interior drainage system and liked what it had to offer. He called up Northeast Basement Systems, a local waterproofing company in his area who offered the product.

Dave was met by waterproofing specialist Beth Murch shortly after calling Northeast.  Dave explained to Beth that he found that the WaterGuard would be a proper solution to his problem.  After taking a look at his basement, Beth agreed with Dave that a WaterGuard was necessary, what she also suggested to him was a SuperSump sump pump.  This top of the line sump pump would work in conjunction with the WaterGuard.  As the WaterGuard catches water seeping from the walls, it then redirects that water along the perimeter and into the sump pump where it then is discharged away from the foundation.  

Beth called in primary foreman Garrett Morrow and his team to complete the installation process and over the course one day the basement was finally waterproofed.  Now during a storm, rather than shudder at the fact of rain, Dave can sleep in peace knowing his basement was taken care of by the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems!

Northeast Installs Drainage System to Combat Water Intrusion

A well taken care of basement, whether it is finished or unfinished is a necessity to any homeowner.  Unfortunately for new homeowner Josh M. the previous homeowners weren’t that attentive and the damage showed.  Looking for a long lasting solution, Josh called Northwest Basement Systems after having waterproofing work done at hsi previous house.

Like last time, Josh was met that same week by a Northwest representative at his home.  This time he was met by Tom Armano, a waterproofing specialist, who, after a quick introduction, immediately inspected the damage in the basement.  After a quick evaluation, Tom explained to Josh that he had no drainage system in his home and the water that enters the house has no way to escape.  Luckily for Josh, Tom suggested the top of the line TripleSafe sump pump for installation.  This patented sump pump has 2 regular pumps built into it and an additional battery backup sump pump.  This battery backup pump activates during power outages.   Additionally the pump has the following features: A WaterWatch sump pump alarm, that sounds off in the event of pump failure, a basement floor drain, a sump pump cover and a sump pump basin.  For drainage purposes, Tom recommended an IceGuard sump pump discharge line anti-freeze device.  In New England homes like Andover, the winters can get quite cold which could cause the water in traditional drainage pipes to freeze.  The IceGuard is the solution to this, its unique allows water to drain no matter the time of year or temperature.  Josh liked Tom’s proposals and asked to have a production team come and install the necessary products.  

Over the course of a day primary foreman Aaron Rice and his production team completed the installation process.  A well taken care of basement is a necessity in any home and now thanks to the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems, Josh as a long lasting solution to keep his basement well take care of in the oncoming years!

CleanSpace Wall System Prevents Intruding Water in Andover Basement

Water is a product best left outside, if water comes into a basement with no way to escape or be drained it can cause serious damage to the basement, the foundation and your wallet.  When Brad M. of Andover discovered signs of water damage in his basement he immediately took to the internet to find a waterproofing company near him.  What he found was Northeast Basement Systems, noticing they did free estimates he called them to send a representative out.

After a quick follow-up via phone, Brad was met by Northeast representative and basement waterproofing specialist Beth Murch.  Beth took a look at Brad’s basement and concluded that he indeed had signs of water damage.  What Beth suggested to Brad is that he should consider installing a WaterGuard interior drainage system along the perimeter of his basement.  This system would catch water coming through the foundation and direct it to a sump pump.  A SuperSump sump pump was also recommended to redirect the oncoming  back outside.  Finally Beth suggested the CleanSpace Wall System.  This system acts similarly to a pool liner and a vapor barrier.  It drains water from behind it and directs it to the drainage system in place.  Brad really liked the products that Beth recommended and wanted a team to come in as soon as possible and install them.

The following week, Brad was met by primary foreman Garrett Morrow and his production team.  Over the course of three days, the team installed the products with Garrett making sure that Brad was educated every step of the way.  Thanks to the professionalism portrayed at Northeast Basement Systems, Brad is now a satisfied and educated customer!

Northeast Specialists Waterproof Andover Homeowners Basement

Basement trouble can be a homeowner's worst nightmare.  John S. of Andover went down to his basement after a heavy storm and noticed water seeping through his foundation and into his basement.  Panicked, John immediately went to the internet to look at potential waterproofing companies in his area.  What he found was Northeast Basement Systems, a company very close to Andover who did free estimates.

John was met that same week by Don Doyon of Northeast.  Don is a waterproofing specialist and immediately took to John’s basement to evaluate the situation.  What he discovered was indeed water seepage and a troubling amount of it.  Luckily, Don knew exactly what to do.  To catch the water and drain it back to the outside, Don recommended the installation of a WaterGuard interior drainage system and SuperSump sump pump.  The WaterGuard would be installed along the entire perimeter of the basement and would catch the incoming water, it would then direct it toward the SuperSump.  The pump would take the incoming water and redirect it outside of the home and far away from the foundation (depending on the length of the discharge pipe).  John loved the suggestions that Don gave him and wanted a team to come in as soon as possible.

Don immediately called primary foreman Aaron Rice at Northeast and had him and his crew come and install the waterproofing products.  In a little under a day, the team effectively installed the waterproofing products.  John’s basement is no longer a source of trouble and its all thanks to the professionals at Northeast Basement Systems.

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