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Northeast Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Chelmsford. Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems's recent work requests in Chelmsford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northeast Basement Systems' recent work requests in Chelmsford, MA
Vicinity of Thomas Dr in Chelmsford
I have a small crawl space that I forsee needing a vapor barrier to reduce moisture and hummidity.
Vicinity of Larssen Cir in Chelmsford
Damp/water seepage in basement new sump pump Dry-lok paint previously used on walls and floors – first applied approx 1 year ago. Efflorescence is causing paint to blister Major health concerns.
Vicinity of Westford Street in Chelmsford
High water table under older home. Unfinished basement with existing sump pump. Tired of dampness every spring. Seek info on perimeter drain, or other possible solutions.
Vicinity of Westland Ave in Chelmsford
We have a walk in 1/2 basement/ 1 car under house which we wish to finsih the basement portion. The primary goal is to have warm walls and floor.
Vicinity of Abbott Lane in Chelmsford
Looking to have an egress window installed in our basement.
Vicinity of Robin Hill Road in Chelmsford
I currently have a dirt floor crawl space that I am interested in covering.
Vicinity of Braeburn Road in Chelmsford
I live in Chelmsford, MA, have 3 cracks that leak during winter thaw and spring heavy rains that I would like to have repaired so I can wall over them.
Vicinity of Rack Road in Chelmsford
My house is on a hill with 3 sides being lower than the basement floor. Do you have experiense with installing some kind of drainage system outside the foundation that then ties into stormwater drain in street? Be it that the house is up on a hill I would like to use gravity to an advantage and avoid some kind of internal sump system if possible. Please call to discuss when you have a moment - Thank you - Jon
Vicinity of Chestnut Hill in Chelmsford
I would like to get a inspection of my basement. The last couple of years we have started to get minor flooding during heavy rain or when the snow is melting after a heavy Winter.
Vicinity of Autumn Ln in Chelmsford
Got water in the basement during this past March's heavy rains. First time house had taken on water in the 27 years since it was built. Could be a "500 year storm" (or set of 2), or could be things have changed since we tied into sewer in 2008. Either way, I wouldn't mind having someone come out and give me a professional opinion on the best way to move forward and an estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of Old Westford Rd in Chelmsford
I have a fininshed basement (lower level of a slipt entry) and am interested in getting a quote for an interior drain system.
Vicinity of Clydesdale Road in Chelmsford
Interested in a sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Linden St. in Chelmsford
Got water in my basement during last storm and do want to repeat.
Vicinity of Ruthellen Road in Chelmsford
Water is leaking at base of bulked. Would like estimate to correct. Best time would be weekdays after 4 or Saturday.
Vicinity of Courtland Dr in Chelmsford
Request estimate for sump pump installation, also, waterproofing of chimney outside around foundation below-grade Thanks.
Vicinity of Balsam Dr in Chelmsford
I have a chronically damp basement that needs remediation.
Vicinity of Middlesex Street in Chelmsford
Free estimate for dampness, odors, flooding
Vicinity of Biltmore Ave. in Chelmsford
Water seepage from floor cracks. Looking to refinish soon adnd require waterproofing options and estimates. Please call my cell. Thanks, Joel
Vicinity of Woodlawn Ave. in Chelmsford
I have two 32 5/8" x 16" basement windows that I need replaced is this something that you service? Thanks.
Vicinity of Davis Road in Chelmsford
Would like to waterproof basement asap!!!!!

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