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Most homeowners are worried when they notice their foundation walls are beginning to tilt, bow, or buckle inward, and rightly so. This is a signal that the outside pressure from water and soil is becoming too much for your foundation to withstand.

At Northeast Basement Systems, we recommend the application of the PowerBrace™ foundation wall repair system, specifically designed to stop inward movement and potentially return the foundation back to its original position.

PowerBrace™ features

  • Outside excavation is not needed.
  • Walls can be improved over time by tightening the system
  • Rust resistant, zinc-coated design
  • Clean, tidy appearance when set up
  • Installed with minimal disturbance in the basement

This product takes advantage of steel I-beam construction to provide support for foundation walls, preventing any further degradation. This patented, proven system can be tightened over time to straighten bowing or tilting walls.

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Give your buckling, bowing foundation walls the support they need

A failed, rusty i-beam foundation wall system installed in Framingham.

Don't waste time or money on poor quality solutions. The PowerBrace™ system includes a zinc-coating that protects it from this kind of corrosion.

If exterior excavation is not a possible option, don’t hesitate to ask our specialists about the unique benefits afforded by our patented PowerBrace™ repair system.

The professionals at Northeast Basement Systems will be able to identify if your situation will benefit from this type of repair system, as opposed to traditional foundation repair techniques.

The PowerBrace™ system uses an effective, patented approach for straightening and supporting buckling or bowing foundation walls over time.

PowerBrace™ wall system installation procedure

One of the greates advantages of the PowerBrace™ is that installation requires no exterior excavation, leaving your soils and landscaping safe from disruption. Installation is quick and easy, preventing any further bowing or buckling.

Sizing Wall Braces

Cutting the wall brace system for an i-beam foundation repair in Peabody

The PowerBrace™ wall repair system uses durable steel I-beams as supports. All of the components in the system benefit from a rust-resistant zinc coating, meaning your system will perform and look like new for years.

After careful analysis, our foundation experts will ascertain the exact number of PowerBrace™ supports that are needed for your foundation repair. Based on the height of the walls in your basement, we can cut the beams to exactly the right size, prepping them for installation.

Floor Joist Hardware Securing

Securing the i-beam system to the top of the floor joist in a foundation wall repair in Waltham.

The second step in the process involves connecting the top of the braces to the floor joist, located near the mudsill at the top of the wall. This special bracket is designed to be bolted to the floor joist, and features a large-diameter bolt for any tightening or adjustment after installation.

PowerBrace™ is designed to not damage your floor framing. Before recommending this type of installation, One of our foundation specialists will examine the health and strength of your floor joists.

PowerBrace™ Fine-Tuning

straightening the i-beam system and wall brace in Medford.

In order for the PowerBrace™ Wall System to perform optimally, the I-beams need to be completely vertical or plumb. The foundation contractor will use a level to set each beam’s position.

The team of experts at Northeast Basement Systems stands by each and every one of our PowerBrace™ installations. Every PowerBrace™ comes with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects along with our installation warranty.

Securing Braces To The Floor

Mounting the I-beam brace to the slab floor in Malden.

The final step of the PowerBrace™ installation involves connecting each beam to the foundation floor using a special bolt-in-place bracket.

What sets the PowerBrace™ System apart from other interior installations is that the I-beams span the full height of the foundation walls. This means PowerBrace™ can repair bowing and buckling towards the middle of the wall and also inward movement near the top or bottom.

Wall Straightening

Straightening a foundation wall with the PowerBrace™ i-beam system in a Haverhill home.

Our patented, proven PowerBrace™ System uses an engineered adjustment mechanism that is completely unique.

Each I-beam is anchored to the floor joists with a unique bracket that features a long bolt that allows for tightening over time, advancing the I-beam and returning the wall back to its original position. The amount of straightening will depend on several factors, including soil conditions.

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