Why did my dry basement start to leak after many years?

Kathy from Boston, MA asks Ron Canneli , owner of Northeast Basement Systems, a question that puzzles thousands of homeowners in similar situation.
Why does a historically dry basement starts to leak all of a sudden?

Ron explains that it has to do with the way basements are built. They are basically concrete boxes buried in wet soil. The soil around the foundation, which was backfilled after the basement was built, is much less compact that the undisturbed portions of terrain around it and as a result, it soaks water like a sponge.

To remedy that, builders typically instal perforated pipes by the footing, to collect and divert that water away from the foundation wall.

The problem with this type of foundation drainage is that it tends to clog or collapse over time and when it is no longer doing its job, water starts to accumulate around the wall, hydrostatic pressure builds up, and that water finds its way into the basement.

Northeast Basement Systems offers exclusive, effective, patented alternatives to typical foundation drains, all backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty. They also provides free estimates. If your basement suddenly starts to leak, Northeast Basement Systems is your trusted waterproofing company in Boston and SE New Hampshire.

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