Basement flooring options in Boston, MA and NH.

For the past 20 years, Ron Canneli has been working as a Certified Waterproofing Specialist, solving wet basement problems in hundreds of homes around the Greater Boston and Southeastern New Hampshire.

When it comes to water damage in finished basements, Ron has seen it all. With his team at Northeast Basement Systems, they've removed a lot of moldy carpets and rotten wood floors, from leaky and flooded basements.

For that reason Ron is the person to go for advice when it comes to choosing basement flooring options that will not get ruined or moldy in contact with water.

The first piece of advice Ron gives all his customers is to avoid any type of flooring made with wood or any type of organic material because when exposed to water, they are known to support mold growth.

Instead, Ron recommends using products like  ThermalDry tiles or the MillCreek basement flooring, which not only are 100% inorganic and waterproof, but they were specifically designed for basements. They are floating, interlocking tiles and laminates that go straight over the concrete floor -- no need to build a subfloor and have a system of pegs that elevate the finished surface from the slab, to allow air to flow under and the moisture to evaporate.

ThermalDry tiles are available in different finishes including carpet, vinyl and faux-wood parquet.

MillCreek was specifically designed to reproduce the look and feel or real hardwood floor, without any of the problems associated with using wood in the basement.

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