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How do you repair water coming through the foundation?

If it a floor wall leak a drainage system is recommended along with a sump pump. If it is a wall crack leaking then a FlexiSpan wall repair would be recommended. The homeowner should weigh the warranty advantages of a drainage system vs. a FlexiSpan.

How to make a basement moisture free?

Moisture can create problems with mold and odors. The best way to prevent moisture causing problems is to control the moisture. Close all windows and doors and run a dehumidifier. Northeast Basement Systems has state of the art and energy efficient moisture controlling miracle machines. The SaniDry and Sedona dehumidifiers act as an air scrubber that filters out particles in the air down to two microns. You may not know what a micron is, you just need to know it's really really small. These machines are incredible at reducing moisture and cleaning the air.

How to make my basement dry?

First things first, a little house keeping can go a long way. Keep your gutters cleaned and your downspouts far enough away from the foundation. Make sure the grading slopes away from the foundation. 

Secondly if you are experiencing a wet basement after you did your basic chores then you will most likely need some interior drainage system with a sump pump.

Northeast Basement Systems has solutions to keeping basements dry and moisture free. Northeast Basements also finishes basements with award winning moisture and mold resistant materials. 

What causes basements to flood?

Ground saturation and hydrostatic pressure in the ground will cause a basement to flood. If you lose power to a pump a basement can flood.

Who to call to repair water leak from foundation wall?

Northeast Basement Systems is the leader in basement technology. All of our products are designed specifically for basements and crawl spaces. Whether you have a wall crack, seepage or dampness Northeast Basement Systems can help.

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